Spell It Correctly!

We are organising an online seminar that will give you vital information about how you can help your kids to improve the spellings. This particular skill will help your child to enhance other skills like reading and writing, which will ultimately help them in the long run and improve their academic performance.

8th June

Today's Education/Learning Process

Kids Learning is Fun organising an online event that will focus on the current scenario of the education and other learning activities in the Melbourne school. It will help you to understand the problem kids are facing and how to fulfil this gap. It will help all the parents to understand the gravity of the situation

14th June

Become a Successful Reader

Reading is an essential part of the learning process, and every kid should be able to read in a flawless manner. Kids usually struggle to read perfectly because they are not aware of the correct methods. We are organising an online event that will give information and share useful tactic to improve the reading.

17th June

Improve Your Writing

The majority of the kids struggle to write appropriately because their basics are not clear. Moreover, the traditional methods to enhance writing skill are complex, so kids do not enjoy it. As a result, the writing does not improve. We are organising an online event that will share the best and easiest ways to enhance writing.

22nd June

Speak with Confidence 

Communication is an essential tool for kids when it comes to education so, they should be fluent in it. We are organising a web seminar to share some excellent methods, tips and information to improve the communication of the kids. Improving the skill will help them in more than one way.

25th June

How to Increase Child's Interest in Learning

The biggest problem with kids is that they do not feel motivated when it comes to learning. The traditional ways do not generate the interest that I where e can make the difference. Join our webinar to know about the tricks that can generate interest for learning.

28th June

Sharp Your Numeracy Skills

Most of the teachers in the schools of Melbourne believe that the students are not as good in numeracy as they should be from an early stage. We are organising an online seminar to explain the problem to parents and how we can solve it with some innovative approach.

1st July

Making Learning Fun

For most kids, the learning process is boring, but it doesn't have to be like that. We at 'kids learning is fun' work tirelessly to make sure that kids find learning exciting and entertaining. That is how they will develop a love for learning and improve their academic performance.

5th July

Helping Kids in Learning

This online seminar is for the parents in Melbourne because they play an essential role in their kid's learning process. Their support and encouragement can make a huge difference. To make the task easier for the parent, we will share some information, tactics and methods. Your changed approach will help the kids a lot.

9th July

Foundation of Learning

In this webinar, we will highlight the requirement of a solid foundation of learning for the kids. Our experts will explain to the parent why their kids need a good start and why fundamentals need to be very clear. The parent will also get an idea about how boring methods can be interesting.

12th July 

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