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At Kids Learning is Fun, we intend to help kids to build a solid foundation for their academic success and to develop a lifelong love of learning. We combine innovative technology, insightful creativity and best education practices to create effective and engaging learning experiences for the kids. We are one of the leading and most wide-ranging digital learning resources in Melbourne for kids between 2 and 12 years. Our programs are designed to help children to learn and make the task a lot easier for the parents, particularly those with a busy schedule. Our learning programs are:

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We have a massive team of instructors who help the kid to understand our methods and strategies. They also interact with the parents so they can also assist the kids in the correct way. 

Reading Experts We have an excellent team of reading instructors who help kids to kids to become successful readers by improving the flow of reading. The professionals share the latest and innovative methods that make reading more interesting for the kids, so they read with comprehension.
Writing Exerts At kids learning is Fun, we also have a team of writing experts who help children between 2 and 12 years to write. They introduce various methods that improve spelling, and thus, kids develop an interest to write.
Communication Experts Communication is the key to good education, and we understand that. Therefore, we have a team of instructors who help kids to speak in a better way with our innovative methods and tips. It gives them a strong foundation.
Numeracy Experts Kids usually do not like additions and subtractions because they find them boring. Our numeracy instructors make things more interesting for kids, so they enjoy numeracy and improve quickly. It helps not only kids but also their parents.
Learning Experts We also have a team that improves the learning skills of the kids with different methods. There are several information, methods, tips and resources to improve the reading, writing and speaking skills of the children that give them all-around development.
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    Why we Are Important

    Today, two out of every five children in Melbourne, Victoria, are not good at reading, writing, and communication. Also, more than half of the kids up to 15 years of age are not good at math, and as a result, they struggle in their school and daily learning. In other words, hundreds of school-age children are below grade level in their general academic skills. Such gaps in basic learning can have a demoralising long-term result for our children. At Kids Learning is Fun, we try to reduce this gap as much as possible with the help of innovative and latest methods and tips that kids can't learn in schools.

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    Reading Writing Spelling
    Grammar Semantics Phonics & Phonemes
    Alphabet Sentence Grammar
    Vocabulary Makeup Stories Nursery Rhymes
    Rhyming Words Homophones Mnemonics

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