Early Learning

In this particular program, we pay attention to the lower primary students who are between 2 to 4 years. We introduce them to alphabets, early number learning, colour, basic shapes, and other similar things that laid a foundation for advanced learning skills. There are various innovative strategies and methods that can develop the interest in learning at such early age.


At Kids Learning is Fun, we also have a program that helps the kids to become a successful reader. With our innovative methods and tactics, we help the children to read with comprehension. By improving the Grammar, Semantics, Phonics and Phonemes, we improve the overall reading skills of the children. This particular skill can help to enhance other skills.


Every two out of five kids in Melbourne struggle to write fluently, which leads to many problems in daily learning at school. With an intention to improve this particular skill, we have designed some methods. From writing the alphabet and constructing sentences to the use of grammar in writing, our program has everything that is required to improve writing.


The majority of kids find it very difficult to spell the words correctly. They need to follow the right methods and ‘kids learning is fun’ provide exactly such excellent ways to improve spelling. Our instructors improve the spelling skill with the help of rhyming words, homophones and homographs, mnemonic, etc. It helps the kids in reading and writing.


Good communication skills can make learning a lot easier, but most kids do not feel confident while speaking. It can have a negative impact on them in the long run. We have a program where our online instructors help the kids to develop their speaking skills. Our methods help the kids to understand the pronunciation of words and improve the flow.


Parents complain about the numeracy skill of their child but don’t know how to improve that. If you opt for ‘kids learning is fun’, which is one of the best digital learning resources, this skill can get improved. Our instructor helps kids to learn about numbers, basic calculations and place value. These particular segments enhance the overall numeracy skill.

Listening Skills

We also have a program that helps the small kids to develop their listening skills. It improves their alertness during the daily learning activities. We plan out various listening games and other exercises through audio and video files, which develop the interest, enhance their listening skills. This particular skill plays a pivotal role in their academic success and highly influences all other skills.

Learning Skills

At ‘kids learning is fun, we also pay attention to the basic learning skills of the kids. Our Melbourne based instructors share different learning style and methods that make the learning more interesting for the kids. So whether you want to improve the reading, writing or speaking skills, there some basic qualities that you kids need to improve and this is exactly what we offer.

Parent Workshops

Parents play a significant role in the education of the kids. Their support is essential for the right development of the children. Therefore, we also have a program where we offer guidance to the parent and share unique ideas with them. It helps the parents to assist their kids in their learning activities, and as a result, it doesn’t feel like an overwhelming task anymore.

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